TreoHelper. GPL licensed free software.

TreoHelper has options to help control phone and network operations of the Treo 180/270/300. You can assign on/off times for the phone, conditions for when to drop the network connection and/or turn off the phone. This can help you experiment with overcoming some known firmware issues on the device, such as the "turbo drain" and "red blink of death" syndromes.

Recently, I added an SMS section. This allows you to assign a ringtone/vibrate to incoming SMSs based on a text match. It also has a "Def" setting which is used for SMSs which don't match any others. There is a "launch" under each SMS setting, which provides a way to filter SMS text into certain applications. One such application is GNUGotMail, which when it is launched in this way will perform a mail fetch. Another is PBJTime which will give you a more convenient SMS popup.. i.e. it goes away after a few seconds and can be launched with a hotkey hold if you also install pbjtimehack.

TreoHelper screenshot
My Treo 300 settings.

Download TreoHelper (v0.56):

PBJTime screenshot
PBJTime showing SMS.

Download PBJTime (v0.7):